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With love to the world…

March 30th, 2012

My dearest friends,

Can’t begin to tell you how chuffed I am that you’re getting yourselves all geared up to celebrate Earth Hour in my honour again tomorrow.  Most people love the lights and the fireworks- me, I’m just happy when it all goes dark.

What a beautiful thing- hundreds of millions of you squatting around your little candles, office windows darkened, not an i-pad in sight.    I hear there are even a couple of teenagers organising something in Libya this year.  Admirable.  And some woman who hates tattoos has offered to get a panda bear inscribed between her shoulder blades if enough people take up recycling.  Could be taking it a bit far, but you Earthlings do love your Challenges, don’t you, with your LIKES and your little wrist bands and your T-Shirts…

I’m not complaining, mind you.  Some of you look very nice in olive.  It’s just that with all the spin and sloganeering these days, it can be easy to either tire of the whole affair, or become too cynical.  And actually, Climate Change is a serious and ongoing issue.  Whatever your views on why it’s happening, its pretty clear that I AM CHANGING.

And do you know who is suffering?  It’s you.  You People.  Alright, perhaps not those of you who are sitting there right now, scrolling through your Facebook page in search of a funny quote, but those who rely on me for their food and water every day.  The people who go thirsty when the sky withholds its rain and the sea withholds its fish; the men and women and children who drown when storms destroy their coastal homes and are buried when I can hold myself together no longer but quake and fall apart beneath your feet.  I watch them, there in the Pacific, in Bangladesh- those low-lying countries with the water rising and their food supplies at risk.  I watch them in Africa, drying out, dying out, plants and animals and people together.  I shake my head.  I weep. This is what happens when I change.

Of course, nobody likes to admit they need help.  I’m as proud as the rest of you.  But we’re all in this together, don’t you think?  You, and me, and especially those others who are just clinging on, far closer to me than the rest of you?

Have a think about it, would you?  And Happy Earth Hour.  No cheating.

With love to the world,

Mother Earth.

Find out more and lend your support to UnitingWorld’s new Climate Change Response Project in the Pacific here.

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