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Become a UnitingWorld Ambassador

UnitingWorld connects the people of the Uniting Church in Australia in missional collaboration with churches overseas.

We are a small team with a big impact, thanks to our incredible volunteers who promote our work in their congregations and help raise funds through Everything in Common stalls, Lent Event and other appeals.

Specifically, our volunteer Ambassadors advocate for UnitingWorld in their own communities and further afield by speaking at church events about our work, sharing information about fundraising campaigns (e.g. Everything in Common), appeals and our UnitingWorld Sunday service. By sharing the stories of amazing achievements and heartbreaking challenges of the people UnitingWorld works with overseas, we seek to bring inspiration and prophetic wisdom back to our Australian people.

There are two types of UnitingWorld Ambassadors:

  • Ambassadors are embedded in their own congregation and advocate for UnitingWorld in their church and local community or presbytery.
  • Travelling Ambassadors are those who can commit more time to travel outside their communities to visit church groups around and beyond their presbytery (or even synod) to connect with individuals across Australia or closer to home.

If you want to find out more about becoming an Ambassador and
playing a vital part in UnitingWorld’s work, keep reading …

Don and Sylvia, UnitingWorld Ambassadors, 2022

We ask Ambassadors to commit to three things:


Prayer is the integral relationship that connects God and humanity. Consequently, prayer is the foundation for all relationships within UnitingWorld including our Australian partnerships.

We ask all UnitingWorld Ambassadors to pray for each other, our partner churches, their communities and programs, and supporter churches and communities in Australia.


UnitingWorld relies on passionate, prayerful supporters who give generously and sacrificially to God’s work in the world. Giving grows the relationship between discipleship and mission.

Our gifts make us active participants in growing the Kingdom of God, not only by bringing good news to the poor and justice to the oppressed but by doing so in Christian unity, lending our strength to our brothers and sisters in our partner churches who are toiling daily to serve their communities.


We believe that through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, in faith, we can receive God’s gifts so that life can be what God means it to be, we can tell others of this good news, and we can live it out in acts of compassion, service and justice in the community.

We ask Ambassadors to seek out opportunities to connect with UCA groups, sharing stories of God’s work being done by UnitingWorld and our partner churches, and advocating for prayerful and generous support of our ministry. These can be churches or church-related groups such as Bible studies, social dinners, etc.

Does this sound like something you would love to do?

If so, please prayerfully consider becoming a UnitingWorld Ambassador. These positions are voluntary and flexible, and the details will depend on your own availability, context and community. Training as an Ambassador takes a reasonable investment of time so we ask that you are prepared to carry out the role for at least 12 months.

As a UnitingWorld Ambassador, you will commit to:

  • Praying regularly for UnitingWorld and our work. This is not just in your own prayer life, but also bringing UnitingWorld’s needs (financial and spiritual) to your congregation/prayer community, and when connecting with other volunteers.
  • Continuing your own thoughtful financial support for UnitingWorld and encouraging those around you to join with you.
  • Volunteering your time to meet with and cultivate relationships with UCA congregations or groups, sharing stories from our overseas partners, explaining UnitingWorld’s approach to mission and partnership and encouraging people to support UnitingWorld through prayer and giving.
  • Maintaining a record of your community engagement on behalf of UnitingWorld and regularly updating UnitingWorld’s Donor Relations team on your activities.

Ambassadors, as you are working in your own congregation, you will commit to:

  • Taking personal responsibility for promoting our fundraising and/or communication activities with your community (church, council, social groups, etc.) and liaising with your church treasurer for sending donations.
  • Signing an Authority to Fundraise agreement, which includes a special Ambassador’s version of UnitingWorld’s Code of Conduct.

Because Travelling Ambassadors visit church groups as official representatives of UnitingWorld, there are additional requirements which include:

  • Providing UnitingWorld with a clear Working With Children Check (State equivalent or exemption) and your date of birth. (UnitingWorld will reimburse you if a cost is incurred).
  • Obtaining a National Criminal History Check every five years (UnitingWorld will reimburse your cost).
  • Signing the UnitingWorld Code of Conduct every year, which includes a commitment to uphold the Uniting Church in Australia’s Privacy Policy regarding confidentiality of information.

UnitingWorld commits to:

  • Supporting you with resources, training and support, either face-to-face or online.
  • Reimbursing you for approved travel costs
  • Coordinating opportunities for you to network with other Ambassadors and UnitingWorld staff for peer support and encouragement.

Interested? Get in touch

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Phone: 1800 998 122
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