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External Evaluation Consultant for End of Project Evaluation (GET-IT)

Reports to: UnitingWorld
Location: Fiji, Kiribati, The Solomon Islands, Vanuatu
Timeframe: Final report to be submitted by 9 July 2021
Duration: At least 25 days and not more than 36 days
Closing Date: As soon as possible (but no later than 17 May 2021)
Evaluation Type: End-of-project final evaluation by an independent external evaluation team
Evaluation Logistics: Preferred: Contract a Lead Consultant (Evaluation Specialist) who can form, through existing networks, and coordinate in-country evaluators. This will be given preference in identifying the successful candidate – UnitingWorld available to assist with some logistics.

Alternative: Contract a lead consultant who will coordinate and manage the evaluation and in-country evaluators (separately contracted).

UnitingWorld is seeking an external evaluation team to conduct an end of project evaluation for a 3-year program, Gender Equality Theology (GET) Institutional Transformation (GET-IT) Program.

Project Information

UnitingWorld, in partnership with its five Church or ecumenical partners in four countries across the Pacific, developed the Partnering Women for Change (PW4C) program to address Gender inequality and violence against women and girls, working with and through Churches using a theological approach. The main goal of the overarching PW4C program is “Women experience greater safety in family and community, and more opportunities for representation in positions of Church leadership and decision-making”. Funded by DFAT through the Pacific Women Shaping Pacific Development (PWSPD) initiative, PW4C program takes a long-term approach with a Theory of Change spanning 10 – 15 years. Phase 1 of this initiative was completed in 2018 and focused on regional mainstreaming of theology and conversation. Phase 2 of the initiative, Gender Equality Theology-Institutional Transformation (GET-IT) program, has been led by Church partners and targeted institutional transformation and shifts in policy and theology towards equality, safeguarding and protection. It began implementation in July 2018 and will be ending in June 2021. Phase 2 is the focus of this evaluation.

The program is being implemented in collaboration with the following partners in the Pacific.

  1.  Fiji: Methodist Church in Fiji, including the Methodist Women’s Fellowship
  2.  Kiribati: Kiribati Uniting Church (KUC), including the RAK (Women’s Fellowship)
  3.  The Solomon Islands: Solomon Islands Christian Council (SICA)
  4.  The Solomon Islands: United Church in The Solomon Islands (UCSI)
  5.  Vanuatu: Presbyterian Church in Vanuatu (PCV), including the Presbyterian Women’s Mission Union (PWMU)


  1. An evaluation plan, which will serve as an agreement between parties on how the evaluation will be conducted.
  2. Presentation of preliminary findings to the partner churches and a representative from UnitingWorld
  3. Draft evaluation report (the format to be the same as the final report)
  4. Final evaluation report

Please see the Terms of Reference for full details.

Interested candidates should submit their interest as soon as possible, to Mya Rae, myar@unitingworld.org.au