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We are thrilled to report that through our programs, our partners reached 202,305 men, women and children last year with tangible benefits. Educating women and girls, lifting families out of poverty through small business, access to nutrition, healthcare and education, preventing trafficking all are part of [Read More]

As fires burn throughout Australia and flooding takes the lives, homes and livelihoods of people all over Europe, Africa and the Pacific, we’re reminded again of our deep vulnerability. We’re grateful to our Uniting Church ministers and partners in places where people cling to hope [Read More]

A Prayer During Times of Disaster Leader: We come before the God of compassion who aches with those hurting in the world, and before the risen Christ who heals. We stand in silence and offer up our prayers. As the candle is extinguished, we acknowledge [Read More]

Many of you will have chatted with Rev Paul Bartlett over the past few years, a faithful advocate for our work who encouraged people far and wide to pray for, support and learn about our church partners. With a genuine heart and gift for mission, [Read More]

Up close, you can see the brush marks in the walls of Attika’s house. The rendered concrete has been painted by hand – pink inside, bright blue outside. All over Ambon, Indonesia, the houses are a defiant dazzle in a place where you might easily [Read More]

Read about the work of our church partners in Ambon helping communities recover from the devastating earthquake that hit in September; an update about how your donations are supporting our Pacific church partners in their work to address inequality and violence against women; the unique [Read More]

(10-Minute read) In the summer between Year 11 and 12 of high school, I spent three months in Africa. My aunt and uncle were missionaries in Tanzania and I stayed with them in their home in Dodoma. Over Christmas, they took a break and we [Read More]