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In so many places around the world, relationships between men and women can be a source of much pain, anger and suffering. Violence against women is distressingly widespread, not only in less developed nations but in our own communities. And attitudes are so deeply entrenched, [Read More]

Rev Mery Kolimon, Moderator of GMIT (the Christian Evangelical Church in Timor) writes about receiving the vaccine to inspire others, the role of the church and where she sees God at work during a disaster like COVID-19. The views expressed in this article are those [Read More]

The world is turning to Lent in record numbers. But why? Isn’t it just an outdated Catholic attempt to demonise chocolate?  As enlightened people who live by grace, why would we get involved? Lent provides an opportunity for us to reset. It’s a call to [Read More]

Thanks to an exciting new partnership, you can now support our work by drinking great coffee! As part of their commitment to creating a more just world, Brisbane-based coffee company Blackstar Coffee Roasters have agreed to donate 10% from each coffee subscription towards our projects in [Read More]

Since 1980 the number of people living on less than $2 a day has halved. Through Lent Event, you have been part of that success story, taking action to help provide access to education, healthcare and income opportunities that have helped break the cycle of [Read More]