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Sending our Christmas cards to your friends, family and loved ones is a great way to fight poverty, build hope and inspire others about the work of our overseas partners. The sale of our Christmas cards represent a donation to support our work helping people [Read More]

Do you consider yourself a visionary?  Maybe it sounds a bit lofty and idealistic, beyond your pay grade... And yet, people with vision are probably just those who can keep the big picture front of mind—the destination—amid the weeds of the journey. I see it [Read More]

UnitingWorld has relocated our office just a short walk down the street to Pilgrim House, next to Pitt Street Uniting Church. We’re loving the new environment, even though most of us still aren’t back full time in the office due to COVID-19 restrictions. We made the move [Read More]

2020 is a year none of us could have predicted. Two thirds of the way through, Rev John Yor is clinging to his vision of a better future despite an unfolding nightmare that threatens everything he has worked for. “I always wanted to serve my [Read More]