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Leadership Training in Eastern Himalayas (India)


COVID-19 Pandemic response

Our partners have been speeding up the dissemination of messaging on COVID-19, including health awareness, prevention measures and response to families connected to this project. Because of the restrictions on travel and spatial distancing project staff have been running check in’s to houses of families connected to the project (after lock-down). Through working closely with the government, project staff are working to speed up access to medicines for people in the rural areas who have no or limited access to transport to urban areas.

The Diocese of Eastern Himalayas serves a large area, which includes 28 pastorates and 300 congregations with more than 15,000 members. Despite this large commission, there are only 22 pastors and 7 evangelists leaving a significant gap in trained leaders.

We support the training of existing and new pastors and lay leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to run the church and provide pastoral support and care to their large constituency.

Our Impact

As child trafficking is a major local issue, we helped develop a child protection policy and training for church leaders. Further, over 150 church leaders have been trained in financial management, budgeting, prudent spending, account keeping, auditing and bank account creation and management.

18 pastors attended a training on theology and Christian teaching, including how to respond to people’s social, physical and psychological needs.





Church of North India – Diocese of Eastern Himalayas


Strong Leadership