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Livelihoods and Peacebuilding in Maluku (Indonesia)

COVID-19 Pandemic response

Our partners the Protestant Church in Maluku (GPM) and their development team Sagu Salempeng Foundation (SSF) have suspended all project activities for now as a result of COVID-19. They have just completed an external evaluation, and field staff are still working to contact community leaders in the villages they work to ensure people have access to health and information alerts about the virus and how to prevent outbreaks.

The Maluku Provincial Government has confirmed cases of COVID-19 and the GPM synod is actively encouraging their large membership network to help spread the message about staying at home to prevent community transmission. They are encouraging people to enjoy church at home with their families as they can and practice spatial distancing. Many people who are daily wage earners are already being affected by markets being closed and people’s movement being limited. Your ongoing support is critical for project activities to continue during COVID-19 and beyond.

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More than a decade after the conflict between Christian and Muslim religious groups in Ambon, there is still a significant need to rebuild relationships between religious groups and to provide economic opportunities for women.

We support mixed groups of Christian and Muslim women with education and microfinance to increase access to economic opportunities in the community and the ability to have a voice in household decision making.

This encourages friendships between women from different faith backgrounds, enabling women to act as agents of peace within their families and community.

Our Impact

Last year we provided training on gender roles, child protection and peace and reconciliation to almost 300 women.

573 people identified community vulnerabilities and developed strategies to enhance resilient livelihoods.


Indonesia, Province of Maluku


Protestant Church of Maluku (GPM) through Sagu Salempeng Foundation (SSF)


Poverty Alleviation