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Livelihoods and Microfinance in West Timor (Indonesia)


COVID-19 Pandemic response

Our partners in West Timor GMIT and their development team TLM have suspended all project activities for now as a result of COVID-19 and are working to contact community leaders in the villages they work in to ensure people have access to health and information alerts about the virus and preventing outbreaks.

There are a number of cases already reported in the province and the church synod is actively encouraging people to stay at home, enjoy church online as they can and practice spatial distancing. Many daily wage earners will be affected by job losses in what is already one of Indonesia’s poorest provinces. Your ongoing support remains critical during this crisis.

West Timor is the poorest province in Indonesia, and people’s ability to better their lives is limited by their ability to earn an income.

We support micro-finance, training and education for women and men across West Timor and Bali to gain livelihoods and participate more fully in community life. We support loans for people with disabilities and educational loans for poor people, with affordable low interest rates. We also support vocational training for women and people with disabilities, in areas such as jewellery making, health and nutrition, handicrafts and learning English.

This project is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). Thanks to ANCP, we’re making a huge difference together; lifting families out of poverty and helping people improve their lives.

Our Impact

Last year, 19,474 people received training in financial literacy, WASH and preventing human trafficking.

Uploaded on Vimeo in Jun 2017. Download this video or Click here for more videos.


Indonesia, Province of East Nusa Tenggara (West Timor)


Christian Evangelical Church of Timor (GMIT) through Tanaoba Laes Manekat (TLM)


Poverty Alleviation