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UnitingWorld’s report to the UCA Assembly

UnitingWorld has prepared a report to the Uniting Church in Australia’s 17th National Assembly, taking place from 11-16 July 2024 in Parramatta, NSW. The report gives an overview of our work and impact over the last three years, and an introduction to our future strategic direction.

UnitingWorld is at a moment in time where historical ways of working are under serious threat, and new opportunities are simultaneously opening up.

However, UnitingWorld is ultimately an instrument of the Uniting Church, existing to embody and implement the church’s missional intent. How the future unfolds will depend as much on whether the people of the UCA are able to catch the winds of the Spirit into a new age of revival or continue to decline.

We believe that our overseas church partners have much to offer the UCA in prophetic truth that will help us. UnitingWorld will strive at all times to bring this voice back into our church, to inspire, encourage and challenge the UCA, in the hope that it will make a difference.

You can read the full report here.