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Right now, 60% of the global population still do not have access to safe, adequate drinking water. An unprecedented 68 million people remain displaced from their homes. An estimated 40 million people are trapped in modern slavery, many producing the goods we take for granted every day.

Despite being one of the wealthiest nations on the planet when measured by median wealth, our foreign aid remains at its lowest level ever.

We need to do more for our global neighbours. Here’s what you can do.

Your voice is powerful.

Right now, 49 million people are facing famine due to conflict and climate crisis. Australia can save lives if we act now.

That’s why, in partnership with Micah Australia, we invite you to join us in calling the Australian government to:

  • Save lives through an urgent Famine Prevention package of $150 million to avert catastrophe in the worst-affected hunger hotspots in the Horn of Africa, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen.
  • Tackle the root causes of the global hunger crisis through investing long-term in a targeted Global Food Security Strategy.
  • Strengthen resilience of the Asia Pacific region to climate change, disasters, and economic shocks by increasing Australia’s development assistance.

Without urgent action, the hunger crisis will kill more people annually than the entire COVID-19 pandemic.

You can make a difference now by contacting your local federal member of parliament today.

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Your statement is powerful.

In every country, gender-based violence is a tragic reality. This violence is frequently hidden, and victims are often silent, fearing stigma and further violence.

That’s why we invite you, along with the World Council of Churches, to play your part in the global movement for a world without rape and violence.

All you have to do is wear black on Thursdays and wear a pin to show your support. You can encourage others to join you and advocate by sharing your photos on social media with #Thursdaysinblack

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