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Resources and Publications

We’re blessed to be able to produce and share resources that showcase the many places where God is alive and at work in the world.

Please use in church services and spread far and wide! 

UnitingWorld Sunday

UnitingWorld Sunday is an inspiring introduction to our work and international partners. Updated annually, it’s also great way for churches to deepen relationships with our global partners and celebrate all that we do together. We launched UnitingWorld Sunday on 7 May 2023, but you can do it any day that suits your church’s calendar.

Click here to visit the website and see the full range of resources to host a service, including a liturgy and sermon video (below).

Bible studies

The following resources have been written by a variety of authors (the majority are Pasifika theologians and practitioners) and produced by UnitingWorld. They are available for download via the links below. Permission to reproduce is granted, so long as the respective authors and UnitingWorld are acknowledged/cited as the original source.

Publication  Citation  
How to be a Good Global Neighbour (PDF)

Click here to order hard copies.

UnitingWorld 2020, How to be a Good Global Neighbour: A series of Bible studies on how we can partner with the global church for justice, UnitingWorld, Sydney.


Theology of Gender Equality Bible Studies Bird, C 2017 God’s Vision for Human Relationships (Bible Study) Vols 1 and 2, UnitingWorld, Sydney.
Child Protection and Care Bible Studies Bird, S 2019, Child Protection and Care: A Critical Pathway into Our Future, UnitingWorld, Sydney.
Theology of Disaster Resilience in a Changing Climate (Framework Paper) Carroll, S & Theology of Disaster Resilience Working Group 2019, A Theology of Disaster Resilience in a Changing Climate (Framework Paper), UnitingWorld, Sydney.
A Theology of Disaster Resilience in a Changing Climate (Bible Studies) Uili A S, Wiliame, G, Makewin, K & Carroll, S 2019, A Theology of Disaster Resilience in a Changing Climate (Bible Studies), UnitingWorld, Sydney.

Other worship resources

Liturgy for a celebration service of God’s work in the world (2021)

‘Good news people’ (UnitingWorld’s video for the UCA Triennial Assembly, 2021) | Direct Download

‘Courage in a fearful world’ (Three minute video featuring overseas church partners and UCA members sharing what gives them courage.) | Direct Download

Video sermon from Deidre Palmer (2021) | Direct download | Full text transcript

‘All of this is us’ and ‘My Heart in Your Hands’ (Uniting Creative songs – the latter was released as part of a fundraiser for UnitingWorld)

South Sudanese beef stew recipe for those doing lockdown cooking.

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UnitingWorld Newsletter

UnitingWorld produces a quarterly print and digital newsletter.

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Resources from Partners

Our partners have generously shared with us some brilliant resources.


Season of Creation Liturgy | Pacific Conference of Churches (2021)   Additional Bible Study and Children’s Resources

Covid-19 Wellbeing Statement | Pacific Theological College (2021)


COVID-19 Public Messaging resources

These messages were developed by Pasifika theologians and women’s fellowships to be used to give pastoral care and theological guidance on COVID-19, as well as provide public messaging about family violence and people’s responsibility to care for one another.

COVID-19 Pastoral Care Poster series | Click to download via Google Drive
Gender Equality and Protection Posters (made during the COVID-19 Pandemic in mid 2020)
Click here to download via Google Drive