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UnitingWorld is the international aid and partnerships agency of the Uniting Church in Australia.
Collaborating for a world free from poverty and injustice.
Because every person matters. Because every person is beloved by God and invited to a life that is whole and hopeful.

Lent Event 2020 is here!

Peace. Compassion. Security. They’re the building blocks of a world we all long to see, but how do we make it happen? In a world where extremism, intolerance and fear threaten to turn us inward, how do we build peace and beat poverty?

Lent Event 2020 takes us to the Indonesian province of Ambon, where our church partners are working with Christians and Muslims to overcome decades of suspicion and resentment after religious conflict in 1999 took 5,000 lives and left 70,000 people homeless.

Meet the people, watch video stories together, engage in Bible studies, raise funds for projects that show the future of God’s people alive and at work in the world.

Sign up now: www.lentevent.com

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