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Our Passion

God’s people working together for a world reconciled.

The local church as a powerful agent of change and a strong spiritual resource.

Programs that bring about sustainable livelihoods, resilient communities and leaders who value equality and inclusion.


Our partners

Our partners are local churches across the Pacific, Asia and Africa who are the local expression of the global church.

They are smart, resilient and capable women and men of God, deeply rooted in their communities and a first-hand understanding of their context.

Responding to God’s call, they make the Good News of Jesus real in tangible ways that are lasting and meaningful.

Come take a closer look.


Our Approach

Local communities have the solutions, we provide funding and strong governance so that they can bring about lasting change.

We connect your generosity with life-changing initiatives through local churches overseas.

We work through relationships between churches that span decades and have a life and purpose beyond just projects.

How we make change together LR


Because these big issues overlap in how they impact the most vulnerable, our programs intersect with each other to maximise effectiveness.

A key element of our work is bringing church partners from different countries together to learn from each others’ experience and create networks of friendship and mutual support.

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