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Rev. James Bhagwan shares powerful message for UnitingWorld Sunday

“As Christians, we are called to walk or to voyage in the way of Christ. To tread lightly on the earth and to sail gently on the seas. We are called to act justly, to be compassionate and to live humbly with our God.”

General Secretary of the Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC) Rev James Bhagwan has shared a powerful sermon for UnitingWorld Sunday, an event to hear from our our global neighbours and support them in prayer and giving (find out more and join us!).

From the deck of the traditional voyaging canoe, the Uto ni Yalo, Rev James shared a message on 1 Corinthians 12:14, 26 “one body, many members” and what that means for people in the Pacific.

“As members of the global family of God, the global household of God, we are reminded that we are our sisters and brothers keepers,” he says.

“In this time of climate crisis, as creation is groaning, as our sisters and brothers continue to cry out for justice: economic justice, political justice, social justice,  justice for creation… We are called to act.”

Watch the full sermon below (8 mins).

Direct download video  | Full video credits on the Vimeo page.

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