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Thank you for helping us reach our target!

In the final months of the financial year, you, our supporters, helped us reach our target of $500,000 to support the life-changing work of our partners.

The funds we raised together helps us to co-invest with the Australian Government and make a bigger impact through our poverty alleviation and climate change projects.    

Thank you to everyone who helped us get there! It will go a long way to help end poverty and injustice in our world through the love and dedication of our partners in in the Pacific, Asia and Africa.

Each one of you was part of the story we told. Komang and his family were able to discover a whole new future, free from poverty, because of the network formed by you and others working together to make powerful change. 

We are now in the middle of collecting reports, information and stories on what was achieved in the last financial year, and we look forward to sharing our Annual Report with you later this year.