By Cath Taylor

Everything in Common true stories: ‘Homework Help’

November 21st, 2017

Imagine your local P and C meeting – discussion over the benefit of yet another mufti day to raise money for iPads; passive/aggressive debate regarding the profitability of a plant sale – yet always with the absolute best interests of each beloved child front and centre.

Now take that feel to dusty, colourful, remote Northern India. The saris are out in force, the drums are beating, the music loud. We’re here to meet with the community to hear about the success of projects for school children coordinated by the local church.  They’re supported by UnitingWorld and funded by Uniting Church people like you. Our welcome has been spectacular. And believe me – the mums here are every bit as passionate about their children’s education as anywhere else on earth.

We sit with women and hear about the local homework centre – set up to provide support for kids who are dropped into classrooms where students outnumber teachers as much as 60 to one. Sometimes teachers don’t attend at all and sometimes the need to look after younger brothers and sisters means students can’t attend either. But the local Homework centre in the village – where students receive tuition, a nutritious meal and lots of encouragement – means the difference between being able to keep up with their education and dropping out all together. And that’s incredibly significant when education means breaking the cycle of poverty for so many families.

Prani and her husband are sending their daughters to school and the Homework Centre. They’ll be the first of any generation to have an education; the first to finish high school; the first to stand any chance of attending university. If Prani’s plan succeeds, they’ll be the first to have a job that earns an income capable of lifting them out of the poverty that has marked the family for generations.

Sitting among these women, each speaks passionately of what it means to have the Education centre in their village. Especially for girls, the possibility of school support is completely life changing. This is a place where clean water is only available from one water source (a well in the centre of the village) and most people earn a living from stitching leaves together that they gather from the forest and then sell at the market, an hour away by bicycle.

“Our girls have never really had a chance to live a different life.” Prani tells us. “Now they can succeed. Now they can do things they want to do, like get jobs, look after their families. It’s because of the help they get at the centre.”

When you give the gift of Homework Help from Everything in Common you’re directly supporting Prani and other families in communities in the North of India.  Thank you so much for choosing to change lives this Christmas and all year ’round!


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