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Peacebuilding & Reconciliation (Sri Lanka)



In response to COVID-19, this project will seek to provide food packages to families connected to the project. Our partners have been speeding up the dissemination of messaging on COVID-19, including health awareness, prevention measures and response to families connected to this project.

Because of the restrictions on travel and spatial distancing project staff have been running check in’s to houses of families connected to the project (after lockdown). Through working closely with the government, project staff are working to speed up access to medicines for people in the rural areas who have no or limited access to transport to urban areas.


Seven years after the end of a two-decade long civil war, a whole generation of people in Sri Lanka know only the war and its violence and brutality.

We support our partners to facilitate inter-faith dialogue and community development activities, including the development of self-help groups and the provision of loan schemes for particularly vulnerable women like war widows and women who work in tea plantations who only earn a meagre income.

This promotes peace and reconciliation and restores trust among religiously and ethnically diverse communities in the country.

Our Impact

Since this project began we have formed over 30 self-help groups involving over 800 women who have experienced improved livelihoods as a result.

Last year, 276 women received loans as part of 834 people who were provided with business management and financial literacy training. They have since experienced improved livelihoods and an increased income as a result.



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